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A healthcare system is the consortium of people, institutions and resources that deliver healthcare services. Healthcare around the world have been grappling with the challenges of meeting the ever-increasing demand for better care. Innovation and technological advancements have played a key role in improving care. While care providers have continued to adopt modern technologies in the form of modern medical devices and newer treatment approaches.

The growing demand of the quality healthcare and the absence of delivery mechanisms pose a great challenge, the key growth inhibitor includes fastest growing population and informal costs. Healthcare industry should be able to carry out planning, monitoring and controlling the delivery system in affordable cost.

Asarfi Hospital Limited was incorporated in the year 2005 with an objective to provide treatment to person requiring medical attention and Primary Health Services and to provide different preventive healthcare service including Vaccination Centre, Drug Distribution Centre also run Health Awareness program, Hygiene Awareness program, Health Camp, Health Education Centre, Yoga Centre, Exercise Centre, Health resort, Health Information Centre whether on payment or on free of cost.